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News and Updates

APWU Health Plan Open Season

November 13 - December 11, 2023

Open Season for your Health Plan selection in the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program is now open from November 13th to December 11th, 2023.

During Open Season, the APWU Health Plan member education department hosts virtual health fairs that provide an overview of benefit highlights, updates, and new Medicare Advantage enhancements.

You will also have a chance to review the APWU Health Plan Open Season website and videos for both the High Option and Consumer Driven Option plans.

Most important, during the Q & A period you can ask Health Plan staff questions about Open Season changes

Register Now!

2023 health fairs take place on Tuesdays,

Tuesday, Nov 7, noon – 2 pm ET, Register Now

Tuesday, Nov 14, noon – 2 pm ET, Register Now

Tuesday, Nov 21, noon – 2 pm ET, Register Now

Tuesday, Nov 28, noon – 2 pm ET, Register Now

Tuesday, Dec 5, noon – 2 pm ET, Register Now

Once registered, you will get an email confirmation with a GoToWebinar link and dial-in information. On the day before the virtual health fair date you selected, we will email you a reminder and include the dial-in information with instructions.


New COLA Increase


Today is a big day if you’re a postal worker. The semi-annual cost of living adjustment (COLAs) has been announced and all career employees covered by the main APWU-USPS collective bargaining agreement are getting a $.48 per hour raise! That amounts to $998.00 a year for a full time, career postal worker.

The COLA will appear in paychecks dated Sept. 15, 2023 (Pay Period 20-2023).

These are union-won benefits. All career employees get these increases to keep up with rising inflation because APWU members fought hard and negotiated them in our union contract.

Postal Support Employees (PSEs) do not get COLA, but when they convert to career, the COLA increases are also included in their wages going forward.

Read more about your COLA and find out how you can help build a stronger union.


2024 Tri-State Stewards School


The 2024 Tri-State Stewards School is now accepting applications. The tentative date for the school is March 25-29, 2024, depending on enrollment.

It is necessary that we have fifty (50) applications to guarantee the school and the Marcum Center. Space at the Marcum Center is limited to a maximum enrollment of seventy-seven (77) attendees.

The deadline to apply for enrollment is November 15, 2023, and MUST include Payment(s) with the Application(s).

The Tri-State Stewards School will be held at the Marcum Center on the Miami University Campus in Oxford, OH as in the past.

For more information and application CLICK HERE


2023 IPWU Election Results


The newly elected officers for the Indiana Postal Workers Union are now available at the link below.

Here is a brief listing:

President - Doug Brown
Vice President - Patti Orndorff
Secretary/Treasurer - Ann Barnes
Human Relation Director - Richard Manifold
Clerk Craft Director - Kathy Hunt
Maintenance Craft Director - Steve Vaughn
Motor Vehicle Craft Director - Greg Jones
Legislative Director - Joseph Parrett
Editor - Don Packwood
Business Agent #1 (463-464-465-466) -
      Rosa Estrada
Business Agent #2 (467-468-473) -
      Lauren Bradshaw
Business Agent #3 (460-461-462) -
      C. "Bishop"
Business Agent #4 (469-479) -
      Kim DeMoss
Business Agent #5 (474-475-476-477-478) -
      Chelsea Dighton
Business Agent #6 (470-471-472) -
      Sandy Smith

For addition information Click here


Auxiliary Convention Call 2023


The Indiana Auxiliary to the APWU Convention will be held April 6-7, 2023, in Muncie, IN at the Courtyard by Marriott, Muncie, IN.

The General Session will convene Thursday, April 6, at 10:00 AM in the Cardinal Creek Room, Horizon Convention Center (attached to the hotel). Invited guests include Trisa Mannion, National President, and Barb Maciejewski, District 5 Coordinator.

The Auxiliary Constitution provides for the election of Officers during the Convention.

Friday's morning session will be in conjunction with the IPWU for opening ceremonies and welcoming.

Please come prepared to pay your annual dues of $10 ($5 State and $5 National).


Department of Labor Announces New FECA Procedures for COVID-19 Cases

January 30, 2023

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The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) expired on January 27. The APWU has opposed the expiration of those provisions of the act that protected federal workers who contracted COVID-19 (COVID). We are providing the following as information to members on the new procedures for COVID-related workers’ compensation (OWCP) claims through the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA).

The ARPA included presumptions for federal workers who were exposed to COVID in the course of their employment. Postal workers who tested positive for COVID and had been working in the Postal Service were presumed to have contracted their illness while at work. Workers’ compensation claims were to be processed through the Department of Labor (DOL) by submission of form CA-1, Notice of Traumatic Injury. Traumatic Injury claims allow for the benefit of Continuation of Pay (COP).

The ARPA expired on Jan. 27, 2023. For workers who test positive for COVID after Jan. 27, 2023, the DOL has announced their procedures for processing workers’ compensation claims in FECA Bulletin 23-02, available online.

In most instances, workers’ compensation claims for COVID should now be filed on form CA-2 Notice of Occupational Disease (unless the injured worker is capable of positively identifying their exposure to a single event or a single work shift). There is no entitlement to COP in an occupational disease claim. Any claim for wage loss benefits will need to be pursued through filing a CA-7 through the DOL. Any claims for COVID benefits based on testing after Jan. 27, 2023 and filed on a CA-1 will be administratively converted to a CA-2 by the DOL, and COP will be denied. The injured worker will receive written notice of any such change. There is also a three-day waiting period and the employee will initially need to use their own leave until the claim is approved.

For claims based on positive testing after Jan. 27, 2023, the injured worker will have the burden of establishing all five (5) essential elements to workers’ compensation entitlement to include a causal relationship (there will be no more presumptions). A causal relationship is established by providing a physician’s reasoned medical opinion as to why he or she believes that a positively tested COVID diagnosis was attributable to work place exposure. The claims examiner will issue a developmental letter explaining in more detail the evidence needed to establish the claim.

All COVID claims based on positive testing through Jan. 27, 2023 were assigned case number with a prefix of 19. COVID claims based on testing after Jan. 27, 2023 will be assigned a prefix 55, like most other claims received by the DOL.

(Reference: FECA Bulletin No. 23-02. Dec. 15, 2022)


Information on Direct Deposit Issues



I received the below message from VP Labor Relations Tom Blum last night. Again, remind people not to give their PostalEase login information to anyone. Some have willingly given their information to scam callers, and some went to the spoofed PostalEase website thinking they were logging into the legitimate website. As of this morning, I am aware of very few APWU employees who were impacted out of the 119 currently identified by the Postal Service, but even one is too many.

I have been in contact and in discussions regarding pay advances to those who lost money. However, as the message below states, they have not committed to do so. If I get more information I will share it.

You are welcome to share with the field.


PostalEase has not been breached by any third party.

Employees accessing PostalEase via the official postal website have not experienced security breaches.

Over several recent days, approximately 119 postal employees attempted accessing PostalEase using Google; however, Google’s routers redirected their searches to third-party websites. Unfortunately, their logon credentials were hacked, and some accounts were compromised.

The banking industry standard requires financial institutions to return misrouted or misappropriated funds.

Several third-party websites were criminal scams, and likely, some of the lost monies will not be returned. We do not have the total dollar loss currently available.

Liability for the hacking, bank account breaches and lost monies remains with Google.

CIZO and the Inspection Service continue their investigations. Please note, as confirmed in my email yesterday, the Eagan ASC is supporting employees’ efforts to recoup their losses. (Eagan Helpdesk 866-674-2733; PostalEase log-on issues 877-477-3273).

The potential use of pay advances (not guaranteed reimbursement for any lost funds) via money orders for the impacted employees is under HQ review.

Headquarters is also working on two employee communications and one employee handout to provide additional notice of the breach.

1. Letter to be sent to employees that have been impacted on next steps.
2. Letter to be sent to all postal employees making them aware of the potential risk.
3. Handout to be included in letter to all employees to provide examples of fake sites and steps on how to update personal contact information.

Due to the urgency of this matter and the need to coordinate with Topeka to provide these notices, the goal is to obtain HQ approval of the drafts by Friday.

We will keep you posted.


Thank you and remember—stay safe, wear your mask!

Charlie Cash

Industrial Relations Director
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
202-842-4273 Office; 801-661-1979 Cell


Urgent Update: Reports of direct deposit changes


I have been receiving individual reports from around the country of problems with employee’s direct deposit. It seems that some are reporting that changes have been made to their direct deposits have been changed to a bank account that does not belong to them and they are not receiving their paychecks. I have received no reports from the Postal Service of a system comprise, but if I do, I will share the information with the field.

Please, everyone needs to do the following:

Login into LiteBlue and change passwords—do it even if nothing has happened
Check your payroll. If it is not being deposited immediately:
Call HRSSC and report Call finance and report (HRSSC can provide number)
Once reported, ask your immediate supervisor for a pay advance if you were comprised. If you were not comprised—do not ask for a pay advance as this will only complicate things for those who have been legitimately compromised. If an advance is denied, immediately report the denial to your local or state union. I ask that the local or state union report the denial for tracking to Lee Branca at
Do not give your information to anyone. There have been reports that some “loan” companies-aka check cashing advance—places asking for LiteBlue info—DO NOT GIVE THEM INFO!

The Postal Service is in the process of switching to MultiFactor Authentication for all LiteBlue Transactions. I am not disputing this change as it is important to protect everyone’s info. This will add an additional layer of security to protect our employees.

Thank you and remember—stay safe, wear your mask!

Charlie Cash

Industrial Relations Director
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
202-842-4273 Office; 801-661-1979 Cell


Urgent: Calls seeking LiteBlue Login information


It has been reported to me from the field that postal employees around the country are receiving calls from someone posing as a Postal Inspector. The “inspector” is telling them their Liteblue account has been comprised and locked. The “inspector” is asking them to provide their EIN, and “previous” password in order to verify and unlock their account.

Unfortunately, we have had some folks pony up the info. Once the information has been provided, the scammers are then logging in to the Liteblue account and change their net-to-bank payroll information.

These are reports from the field and I just reported it to USPS HQ. I have no further information but PLEASE—DO NOT SHARE YOUR LITEBLUE/POSTALEASE LOGIN INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. The Postal Inspectors will not call and ask for this over the phone. If anyone has received this call and provided info, please attempt to login and check your Liteblue/PostalEase account immediately. Go immediately and change your password. If you can’t get in or something is suspicious—Call HRSSC immediately to fix your Liteblue/PostalEase account.

If I have official communications from the Postal Service or learn more—I will let you know. This exact reason is why the Postal Service is changing to MultiFactor Authentication (MFA)—using your cell phone or email to get a code to login. Again—please do not give out your info!!!

Please share with field immediately.


2023 Tri-State Stewards School


The 2023 Tri-State Stewards School is now FULL. No additional applications are being accepted.

The Tri-State Stewards School is being held again at the Marcum Center on the Miami University Campus in Oxford, OH.

For more information and application CLICK HERE


PSE's Increase and
Retroactive Pay for
ALL Employees


The Postal Service advised Friday night, June 24, 2022, that they have identified the issue that prevented the PSEs from receiving the additional 50 cents per hour pay on June 4, 2022. Unfortunately, they are going to have to do additional programming to complete to make sure they 50 cents is implemented.

The Postal Service has advised that the 50 cents will be implement at the beginning of pay period 17 (begins July 30, 2022) and will appear on the paychecks/direct deposits for August 19, 2022. The period from June 4, 2022 through July 29, 2022 will be paid in when the retroactive payments are made.

To once again restate—the date for the retroactive payments (some people are calling it contract backpay) has not been established. President Dimondstein and myself are pushing the Postal Service to provide that date and to make it as soon as possible.


The Postal Service Reform Act Passes the Senate & Will Become Law


In a historic moment, the Senate passed the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 on March 8th. The House passed the bill last month with a vote of 342-92. The legislation will now go to President Biden’s desk, where he will sign it into law. The...
Read more


Contract Update


We have a NEW Contract

After the completion of the members ratification ballot count on February 28, 2022 the vote was for a resounding YES. Official Counts were 33,636 YES and 2,290 NO votes. The CBA was signed by PMG DeJoy and President Mark Dimondstein.

With the ratification finished the COLA scheduled for February 26, will be paid retro-actively at a date to be determined. The new CBA will cover the three (3) year period September 21, 2021 thru September 20, 2024.

Not only does this preserve your COLA and wage increases, but allow other negotiates portions of the CBA to go into effect which include new work hour guarantees for PTF’ advanced leave provisions, and guaranteed PSE conversions. Also included is a Memorandum of Understanding on Discrimination & Harassment, clarifying what kinds of discrimination violates Article 2 and an APWU/USPS educational task force to educate management on rights they must provide to postal workers.

Read more

How to File an OWCP Claim
When Diagnosed with COVID-19
Know Your RIGHTS at Work!!


Currently, there is a spike of COVID-19 diagnosis throughout the United States. Postal Employees are not exempt from contracting COVID-19. Following national trends, there is also a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases at the Postal Service. Not knowing how COVID-19 can affect any one person whether it is a mild illness, a severe case, a case of “long” COVID-19, what the long-term effects might be, or sadly even death, it is vital that those who contract the virus understand that it is their right to apply for worker’s compensation benefits to protect themselves and their families.

If you are a postal employee, no matter if you are a career employee or non-career employee, you are entitled to file a claim with the Office of Workers Compensation Programs. The one caveat is that you must have worked at the Post Office at some point during the 21-days prior to your COVID-19 diagnosis, and are required to complete an approved form of COVID-19 testing to prove you are sick. Employees that have claims approved...
Continue reading...

CLick here for UPDATED COVID-19 Decision Tree


In Memoriam of Randy Downard


Randy Downard passed away in the early morning hours of Thursday, January 6, 2022, at his home in Daleville, Indiana, surrounded by his wife and children. Randy was born on October 13, 1953 to his parents Bill and Cheryl Downard. He grew up in Brookville, IN and would later attend Ball State University. He married his wife Cindy, and they raised their children Cathy and Kevin in Daleville, Indiana. Randy passionately defended the rights of his fellow postal workers for many years. He supported the USPS in letter sorting and the Bulk Mail Room. Ultimately, he served as a National Business Agent of the American Postal Workers Union.

He was preceded in death by parents Franklin (Bill) Downard and Cheryl Elizabeth Downard, and his sister Pamela Zepic. Randy is missed and loved by his wife and children, his brothers Michael Downard of Beech Grove Indiana and Christopher (Carol) Downard of LaFayette Indiana, countless friends, and his miniature dachshund, Frankie. A celebration of life will be announced in the near future according to his wishes. In lieu of flowers the family would like to suggest the Lupus Foundation or the Animal Protection League.

Condolences may be sent Cindy Downard and Family at 9401 S. Greenway Drive, Daleville, IN 47334

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Indiana State Convention Update


The Indiana Postal Workers Union is pleased to announce the details of the upcoming State Convention, hosted by the Gary Area Local. Lodging arrangements have been made at the Hilton Garden Inn, Merrillville, IN at a negotiated rate of $119 plus tax. Check-in begins on Wednesday April 6 (travel day) and continues through Sunday April 10. A reservation link will follow shortly with the hotel information.

For More Info CLICK HERE


BREAKING NEWS: APWU & USPS Reach Tentative Agreement


The American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service have reached a tentative three-year Collective Bargaining Agreement, announced APWU President and Lead Negotiator Mark Dimondstein.

The Tentative Agreement was reached on December 9th and, in accordance with the APWU Constitution, was presented by the National Negotiating Committee to the Rank & File Bargaining Advisory Committee. On December 10th, the Rank & File Committee unanimously approved the Tentative Agreement for a ratification vote of the members.

Read More >

Read a Summary of the Agreement >


Juneteenth Holiday Added


The Postal Service will recognize the Juneteenth National Independence Day as a holiday eligible to full-time and part-time career employees. The holiday commemorates the final end to slavery in the United States and a day is being set aside to recognize this historic event. While initially signed into law on June 17, 2021, it will be observed beginning in 2022.

Read USPS Document


2021 Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period


As a matter of general interest, the "Penalty Overtime Exclusion" period for the calendar year 2021 as referenced in Article 8, Sections 4 and 5 or the NALC and APWU National Agreements will begin Pay Period 26-21 - Week 1 (December 4, 2021) and end Pay Period 01-22, Week 2 (December 31, 2021).


President Biden Names Two Nominees to Board of Governors


Today, President Joe Biden announced two new nominees to the Postal Service Board of Governors to replace outgoing governors. The President nominated Dan Tangherlini, who served as Administrator of the General Services Administration in the Obama Administration and has worked in various roles in the District of Columbia government. He also nominated Derek Kan, who worked in the Trump Administration’s Office of Management and Budget and the Department of Transportation.

Their appointments are to fill the spots on the Board being vacated by Governors Ron Bloom and John Barger. Bloom’s term expired last year; he was finishing a holdover year which ends on December 8. Barger’s term expires the same day, but he will stay on the Board until a replacement is confirmed by the Senate.

The APWU looks forward to meeting with the nominees, sharing our views on matters affecting postal workers and learning where they stand on the future of the public United States Postal Service.


President Biden Signs Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act


Today, President Biden signed H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, into law. This bi-partisan, $1.2 Trillion package will make long-overdue investments in our nation's infrastructure, providing the funding to finally repair our decaying roads, bridges, and public transportation systems. Remarkably, the law represents the most significant investment in bridges since the creation of the interstate highway system. The bill also provides funding to expand broadband access, strengthen our water and energy systems, and ease the supply shortages by ending port and airline maintenance backlogs. While the infrastructure bill is indeed a step forward, more is needed in the face of the ever-escalating climate crisis, staggering wealth inequality, and an ongoing pandemic.



The Wheels of Justice Often Turn Slowly


(This article first appeared in the November/December issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) After over a year of discussions on the Step 4 grievances highlighted in this magazine, the APWU National and the USPS Headquarters parties have resolved three of the numerous outstanding MVS disputes. During the recent and still ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations between the parties, we were also able to discuss unresolved working issues that affect MVS Craft members.



USPS request to vacate Hatch Act Arbitration dismissed


In August of 2018, Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg struck down the Postal Service’s unilateral implementation of changes to ELM Section 510 and to PS-Form 3971 regarding union leave for political activity such as in relation to voter registration and get out the votes efforts. The changes required employees taking Leave Without Pay (LWOP) for union business to certify that they would not be participating in any partisan political activities. (Click here for web news article on the award). The Postal Service claimed these changes were necessary to comply with the Hatch Act. However, Arbitrator Goldberg agreed with the APWU that the changes violated Articles 5, 10, and 19 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and could not be implemented without bargaining.

The Postal Service challenged the arbitrator’s award in federal court seeking that the award be vacated. On Friday, April 23, 2021, the Postal Service agreed with the Court to dismiss the case.

With this dismissal, the arbitrator’s award is final and binding. All of the changes to the ELM and PS-Form 3971 will be rescinded. Employees will not have to certify they will not be participating in partisan political activity while on union LWOP. It should be noted that this does not mean that all PS-Forms 3971 in circulation will be automatically removed from use. However, it does mean the certification language is null and void.

This again shows that the APWU is continually fighting to have the language of our collective bargaining enforced. It also reenforces that the Postal Service must in fact bargain and negotiate with the APWU when they are going to make changes to any handbook, manual, or form that directly affects the wages, hours, and working conditions of those the union represents.

“On behalf of the members I congratulate Industrial Relations Director Zimmerman, the attorneys and staff, who led in the original successful arbitration award and now have defeated management efforts seek to overturn our victory in the courts," said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “This is a victory for the union and its members to be more fully involved in the political process.”


Tri-State Stewards School 2021

Doug Brown IPWU, Steve Charles OPWU, Randy Bradley KPWU

This is the announcement for the 2021 Tri-State Stewards School being held at the Marcum Center on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio from March 22 – 26, 2021.

Due to guarantees contained in our contract with Miami University it is necessary to have the completed applications with payment from your local by November 1, 2020.

If we do not have at least fifty (50) paid applications by that date the school will be canceled.

CLICK HERE: For More Infomation and an application


Indiana Postal Workers Virtual Convention Scheduled

Date 06/12/2020

The Indiana Postal Workers will host the first ever Virtual Convention on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The convention will be held on ZOOM, and is by invitation only to delegates and officers. Delegates and officers will be notified via email of the login information.

National APWU officers and National Business Agents are also invited to attend.

The conference will allow the election of officers and other items communicated from the Department of Labor to be resolved after COVID-19 delayed the convention. The Virtual Convention allows for the business items to be conducted, while protecting the health and safety of the membership.




In accordance with Article 4 of the State Constitution, granting emergency authority to the executive board, it has been decided to postpone the IPWU Convention for a minimum of 120 days. The Coronavirus spread combined with the President of the United States declaring a National Emergency necessitates we take action to protect our membership.

We will be contacting our National Secretary/ Treasurer to seek guidance for election compliance and potential options.

The host local will retain the deposit on the hotel, but future dates are hard to predict as yet. We will continue to assess the virus impact on our communities.

We are hopeful as as we look forward to a future date.

to See a memo from IPWU President Brown
to Delegates




Please be advised due to concerns for the health and safety of the attendees, the threat of exposure to the Coronavirus, and meeting limitations for groups, the 2020 Tri-State Stewards School has been cancelled.

The protection of our members is the most important thing we do. The staff of the school acted in the best interest of all.


We Have a New Union Contract!!

March 11, 2020

The big news is in – 200,000 postal workers represented by the APWU have a new union contract!


--->Click Here<--- for a copy of the New CBA

APWU Meets with USPS on the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 4, 2020

The coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, originating in China, has now spread to over 65 countries including to the United States. The APWU is...

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February 15, 2020

On Feb. 25, postal workers and the communities we serve are standing up for our public Postal Service. It's time to protect America's most cherished institution.

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed the USPS Fairness Act. Now let's get it through the Senate. We are telling our Senators to pass the Senate companion bill, S.2965.

In 2006, Congress saddled our public Postal Service with an unfair and unsustainable burden of pre-funding retiree health care benefits for the next 75 years! That means paying now for USPS workers who aren't even born yet.

The USPS Fairness Act will start to put that right by removing the unfair burden. By repealing the prefunding mandate, the Postal Service would then be able to focus on investing and innovating services in order to better meet its mission to service every American household and business.

Join us supporting our public Postal Service. Sign up to call your Senators to support S.2965 on Feb. 25, 2020.


Download a copy of the workplace flyer



April 15, 2019

The US Mail is not for sale dispite government privitizing efforts. Find more information click on the website photo below:


Wounded Warrior Leave Act Extended

January 5, 2019

The leave that is offered through the Wounded Warriors Leave (WWL) Act of 2015 is provided to all eligible employees at the beginning of each leave year. This began effective leave year 2019 (January 5, 2019). The eligible employees will receive an allotment of 104 hours of WWL. WWL will continue to be provided to newly hired employees at the beginning of their term of employment as required by the terms of the 2015 Act.

WWL is an authorized absence from work to undergo medical treatment for a service-connected disability rated 30% or more. It is a separate leave category, distinct from sick leave. Approved WWL cannot be adversely used against an eligible employee for attendance and discipline purposes. To request WWL an employee must submit a PS Form 3971 to their appropriate supervisor. There is an exception to the advance approval for unexpected treatment the qualifies for WWL. The supervisor is responsible for approving or disapproving the PS Form 3971.

To verify that WWL requested is appropriately used for the treatment of the service-connected disability, the requesting employee must submit to the supervisor a copy of PS Form 5980, Treatment Verification for WWL, certified by a health care provider that the employee used the leave to receive treatment for the covered disability. The employee must provide the verification no later than 15 calendar days after the employee returns to work. A properly completed PS Form 5980 also provides for frequency and/or duration of prescribed treatment that would necessitate the employee taking WWL beyond the date of appointment identified in the Employee Information portion of the form.

    Eligible new hires will receive 104 hours of WWL upon hire (as required by the 2015 law) to be used for the remainder of the current calendar.
    Each January, all disabled veterans with a 30% or more disability rating will receive 104 hours of WWL to use during the calendar year.
    At the end of each calendar year, an remaining WWL will be forfeited but, assuming the employee still has a combined disability rating of 30% or more, he/she will receive a new 104 hours at the start of the new year.
    Any unused WWL is not rolled over to the next year, nor will it be paid out if the employee leaves.
    WWL can be used concurrent with FMLA, when appropriate.

Attached is the notification for the updated Management Instruction (MI) EL-510-2016-8, Wounded Warrior Leave (WWL). This is the final document.


The Union Is Not A Spectator Sport

by Martha Foote, Former IPWU Business Agent

I have said on numerous occasions, unionism is not a spectator sport. You must participate to some degree for YOUR Union to work. Your Union Steward can only do so much; but he/she needs your help. Too many members believe all union representatives need to do is to write up a grievance form and presto it gets adjudicated. I have heard some say, that is why I pay union dues. Really? Let me be the one to tell you it is not that simple.

When your contractual rights are violated it is the Union’s burden to prove and many times it takes a myriad of documentation to support the violation. You may need to write a statement or be interviewed. You may have to identify the person in management who violated your rights. You may have to involve co-workers who witnessed the incident. There are times when you cannot remain anonymous. Think of your Union Steward or Business Agent as a detective or lawyer. Think of your grievance as though someone robbed you. You would call the police (union) you would give details (statement) you may be interrogated (interviewed) you may have to identify the suspect (name the management personnel involved) you may know the person who robbed you and they live next door; you see them everyday or you may work next to them every day. They may be your supervisor and you fear they will take steps to get you fired. Tough decisions, but when your contractual rights are compromised you need to decide if you are going to live in fear of retaliation or are you going to take a stand and say, “enough is enough”.

Now comes the time when the police make an arrest (union files the grievance, names the management personnel and cites the contract language) management defies the union – imagine that. Do we lay down and say well management is not going to settle? Oh no, we take it to the court of appeals (Step 3 or arbitration) and if there are enough cases (grievances) just like yours, the National Union gets involved and it goes to Step 4 (Supreme Court) A favorable decision at Step 4 makes it binding contract language. What wins arbitrations and Step 4 appeals, YOU the members who say, “enough is enough” and get involved and work with the union. Those who fight not just for themselves but for their co-workers. The members who dare to get involved and stay committed. Does it take time? YES, Does it take a long time? YES, Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS!

Management will use the contract and hold you to the language; I say it’s about time management is made to realize they are also bound by the terms of the contract. Would you let management bully your children, spouse, parent, friends, union steward???? Our strongest asset is YOU the members. Being a Union Steward is not easy, it takes a certain type of person with the innate ability to deal with management’s shenanigans. Join your union brothers and sisters and send the message the contract is binding on everyone and help your Union Steward help YOU.



Vote Yourself a Job

by Doug Brown, IPWU State President 10/01/2018

Have you read the news? The Trump Administration wants to privatize the United States Postal Service. In case you haven’t heard, President Trump, by executive order, created a task force to recommend an overhaul of the postal service. As part of a broad effort to privatize government services, the USPS has been targeted for dismantling. Even though the postal service enjoys a 90% plus favorability rating among customers, apparently we were placed in the category of “swamp” and must be drained.

What would privatization mean for you as a postal employee? Wal-Mart, plain and simple! The wages and benefits you currently earn would be gone. The postal service advertises your employment package as a wonderful gift from day one. New employee recruitment posters brag about the insurance, retirement, and of course, the salary. We have a lot of new members in our union and perhaps there is a belief the employer just gives everything to the employees because they like us. Wrong! It has been fought for by the Union over generations of workers.

It is not just the rank-and-file who have benefitted from the union. Society as a whole benefits by raising the bar for workers. (Have you heard about the $15/hr. for fast food workers). If one of our sister unions get a raise, it helps the others fight for parity. Postal management may not like to admit it but they get a raise when we do.
It can all be taken away with a vote in Congress. Collective Bargaining can be stripped along with our retirement and insurance. $25/hour wages can be reduced to the federal minimum of $7.25/hr. Our only protection is a labor-friendly Congress and your union.

The AFL-CIO has a list of recommended labor-friendly candidates for the upcoming and all-important November election. The endorsements are not party based. All candidates completed an extensive questionnaire detailing their position on issues relating directly to workers rights and the labor-movement. Please go to the website and review the “Labor 2018 Candidate Endorsements”. Candidates are chosen with a vote of the Indiana AFL-CIO affiliate unions, representing over 300,000 working Hoosiers.

Lastly, we say our goodbyes to Martha Foote, State Business Agent and Cheryl Barnes, spouse of Ben Barnes, former State Vice President, . They will be missed.